Anyone have any good articles I can browse to get some ideas on how to do

Here is what we want to do:
We have 1000s of word perfect documents that people want to be able see on
the intERnet. What I have come up with is an ASP page that reads from a DB
the documents names and information and puts it into a list for a user in
the browser and they can click a link to view that document.
What I want to happen is when they click the link to view I use the path
name and file name for the document from the database, I pass that to a DLL
which then uses Microsoft Word Object Library to convert that word perfect
document to an htm page then saves that html page to a location that I can
redirect to from my asp page. This all works fine on my local systems using
VB and works fine when I put some documents in the directories within the
IIS wwwroot structure. The DLL seems to work fine. But when I try to do
it through the ASP I can pass the info onto the dll but the dll cannot see
the other server with the word documents on it. I have tried a number of
different things to try to get it to see the other server's directories through
mapping etc..
I think it is some kind of security issue which I am trying to see if it
is but I was wondering if someone knows an easier way to do this kind of