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Thread: Opening Excel from browser

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    mike Guest

    Opening Excel from browser

    I have the following code that opens the saved excel file in the browser and
    then redirects to previous page. In my browser the file is opened in Excel
    and is formatted correctly but on some browsers (All IE) the file is opened
    inside of just a plain browser window. Is this an individual browser setting
    that is causing this? The formatting comes from opening a template and then
    saving to a unique file name.

    Application("PrevFile") = strFile
    xlApplication.Quit ' Close the Workbook

    strOUT = "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript>"
    strOUT = strOUT & "var newWindow; "
    strOUT = strOUT & "newWindow ='" & strFile & "', 'exel', 'HEIGHT=300,WIDTH=400');"
    strOUT = strOUT & "newWindow.focus(); window.document.location='AIMInitiatives.asp';"
    strOUT = strOUT & "</SCRIPT>"

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    Dallas Guest

    Re: Opening Excel from browser

    pay attention to the version of IE and Excel

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