I have a map with areas - each of those maps is currently using href to a
form and passing a number with it. the resolving ASP page then processes
the passed parameter.

HOWEVER - I want to pass ALL of the fields on the form along with the number
associated with the area of the map that was clicked to the resolving ASP

I created an onclick javascript and it passes the # associated with the area
on the map : onclick="mapckick(###)"

the javascript in an alert statement passes the correct value from the onclick

Yet when I tried to pass this.form to the javascript, the script displays
"undefined" - I created an input field and placed the same code there and
the object was passed to the function.

My goal (as I stated up front) is to click on an area of a map and have the
form post to another page AND pass other input fields on that form with it.

My goal with the process above was to pass the value of the map to the script
and have the script execute a form post - assuming that method would post
ALL of the input fields as well as the value pass from the map area.

function mapclick(form,ac){
<form name="FX" method="POST" action="catprocX.asp">
<map name="fl">
<area shape="poly" coords="..." onclick"mapclick(this.form,813)">

this is what i tried (shortenned for this page)

Any help is appreciated...