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Thread: computer project

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    computer project

    [Originally posted by gayathiri]

    hi...i have to do a project with two systems which is database and medicine stock system. i have to use coding to link both system. i want to know to use the coding. give some examples of coding.thank you.

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    Re:computer project

    [Originally posted by]

    There are 1365 examples of coding on this site as of this writing, and many more around the web and in books. So you need to˙ be more specific regarding what you are looking for.

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    Re:Re:computer project

    [Originally posted by gayathiri]

    thank you for mailing me. actually i have a project to finished. it is about patient database and medicine stock system. i am doing a research on a clinic. the clinic now is using manual way to operate. now i have to computerize the system used there. for example when the medicine in that clinic get leser, the computer will inform the staff there. so i need to do the codinng for this system. everthing in computerized. please help me. thank you.

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