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Thread: Making it look nice

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    Making it look nice

    [Originally posted by IvyS]

    I've written a long VBA macro that uses a series of forms to prompt users for input. While this macro is running, I don't want users to see the changes it's making to the underlying data. I've tried using Application.ScreenUpdating = False, but this has the side effect of leaving "ghost images" of bits of previously displayed forms on the screen. Is there a way to either display something other than the worksheet as a background or to clean away these ghosts without setting ScreenUpdating to true?



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    Re:Making it look nice

    [Originally posted by Greg DeBacker]

    In VB I would use something like the code below. You can only call LockWindow() on one window at a time. It will prevent any changes to the window. Also, it will lock which ever window is activated whether it is your application or not, so be carefull, and be sure to UnlockWindow() when you're done.


    'Copy this code into a module

    Declare Function GetActiveWindow Lib "USER32" () As Long
    Declare Function LockWindowUpdate Lib "USER32" (ByVal hwndLock As Long) As Long

    Sub LockWindow()
    Dim Apphwnd As Long
    Apphwnd = GetActiveWindow()
    Call LockWindowUpdate(Apphwnd)
    End Sub
    Sub UnlockWindow()
    Call LockWindowUpdate(0)
    End Sub

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