I have a weird situation where I use SQL Server 7.0 stored procs to return
data in the form of recordsets (using an ODBC Connection string and ADO 2.1)
through a COM object created in VB 6.0 to an ASP page and I then display
the data on Active Server Pages. This all works fine under most conditions
except when this is run on a Windows 4.0 Workstation machine running Personal
Web Server.

Have tested the application on:

1 2000 Professional Machine running IIS 5.0 and it works fine.
2 NT Server 4.0 Machines running IIS 4.0 and it works fine.
1 98 Box running personal web server and it works fine.
2 NT 4.0 Workstation Machines running personal web server and on both machines
data is dropped from the ADO Recordsets. This is weird since I know the
Recordsets are good with all correct data when stepping through the COM object,
but when the recordset reaches the ASP Page data is intermittently dropped
in some of the fields. Anyone ever experienced anything similar??