hello everyone,
we are making a control panel for IIS, DNS, DSN, FTP, MAIL,
STAT Mgmt for Windows Server for Web Hosting purposes which is almost complete.
We are having some problems in passing command line arguements thru ASP for
Mail Mgmt. We are using IMail..
While passing the parameters thru command prompt we r getting
the desired output but if we call using shell thru ASP & WSH,
the process runs in backened and doesnt gives the desired output, if we call
a simple notepad also thru ASP , its in vain as its running in memory where
as we need it as a outer memory process, we have tried calling it thru the
component ASPExec also but same is the case with it..

the following codes runs out of memory..
Set Shell = CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
Shell.run ("C:\imail\adddomain.exe -h ff22.com -i -t C:\mail\ff22_com")

we have tried using the component ASPExec also calling notepad
Set Executor = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")
Executor.Application = "notepad.exe"
Executor.ShowWindow = True
Response.Write "Attempting to execute " & Executor.Application & "<br>"
strResult = Executor.ExecuteWinApp
Response.Write "The result of this call was: " & strResult

well we tried setting permissions active for ' Allow Service to interact
with desktop' also in Services but it didnt worked.

We also build an a dll for that and tried to call it in ASP PAge but same
was the result..

set imail=createobject("Control.Imail")
call imail.adddomain("c:\imail\adddomain.exe","123.com","","c:\imail\124")

please can anyone tell what permission do we have to set so make it run out
of memory? We require the solution urgently..

Thanking You,
Rajiv Mehta