I'm attempting to get to grips with using XML as a datasource, and have hit

a brick wall of sorts. For example, say I have an XML document that looks




<artist>The The</artist>

<title>Soul Mining</title>


<track number="1">I've Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All Of My


<track number="2">This Is The Day</track>

<track number="3">The Sinking Feeling</track>

<track number="4">Uncertain Smile</track>










I can easily create the XSD document for this XML, and from that I can

create the appropriate typed dataset (all from the Visual Studio IDE).

In a web form, I can bind a datagrid to this data and display the top level

(i.e. the <cd>...</cd>) information. Now let's say that I want to have

another datagrid elsewhere on the same page that displays the tracks

contained in a selected CD - this is where I'm having problems! Any ideas or



Ed Courtenay


"We've all heard that a million monkeys on a million

keyboards would eventually come up with the entire

works of Shakespeare - thanks to the Internet, we now

know this isn't true...."