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Thread: vbSendMail.dll

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    [Originally posted by Chris Hordern]

    I need to be able to determine a users email address prior to being able to use this vbSendMail.dll.

    On NT 4.0 Service pack 4.0 and Windows 2000 what is the best way to return the users email address? This may be from a com object so it won't be the current user but I will have the user ID

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    [Originally posted by]

    You probably can query the registry and read the Outlook or other e-mail client settings, but what you are asking to do is problematic for a number of reasons:

    1. The user can have multiple e-mail addresses.

    2. Unless you are working in a standardized environment, their could be any of a number of different e-mail clients.

    Why not ask the user for his/her e-mail addresss once and store it? vbSendMail actually supports this through its PersistSettings property.

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    [Originally posted by Chris Hordern]

    Thanks for your response. It is not possible to use PersistSettings property as the vbSendMail.dll will be instanced by another com object on a web server.

    All it can receive is parameters as passed from a client via a asp page. Therefore to use the vbSendMail.dll I must have the email address. The asp will fire on stable platform and could store a email address once obtained either in the registry or a cookie.

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