Can someone tell me how to retrieve an ActiveX component with an OBJECT tag?

On my ASP file I have retrieved an ActiveX control with the following code:

<OBJECT classid="clsid:A919AF5F-637C-423E-835A-B56448C1AD9B">

The result is that the Activex control popup on the web page..so far so good.

The problem is that this piece of code always look for the ActiveX control
on the Client machine, I want the ActiveX control to be retrieved from the
server (of course)

In the documentation for the OBJECT tag, I saw that there was an attribute
called RUNAT=Server that should be included to get the object from the Server
instead, so I tried with the following code to retrieve the ActiveX from
the server instead of the clients machine

<OBJECT RUNAT=Server id=whatevername

...but, when I do like this, the ActiveX control doesn't show up. Can someone
understand why ?? Is it neccesary to instantiate the "whatever"-id before
I use it in the OBJECT-tag, or can this id be set to whatever value ? ....I
only want the ActiveX to show up in the clients browser, WHAT is wrong ??

Help VERY appeciated !!