Dear All,

I'm trying to develop a data entry page, with a title, paragraph, and finally
insert file box.

The data entry page is for a client so they can manage a "clipboard" area
of their site. They could go to this entry page, enter a title for the item,
some text all about the item, and finally up load a picture of it. After
doing this to one item, there could be a horizontal rule or something between
it and the next entry form beneath it. In total around 6 - 10 spaces to add
data. Then finally at the bottom a simple submit button which would then
write all the data to a html page on the website.

I know this is possible, as i've seen the code on another site, but that
used the date and time to create a different file name each time the form
was run. For a website this is not possible. As i'd have to alter the link
everytime they put new data into the form.

Please help.

Many thanks