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Thread: Need a popup window

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    zack Guest

    Need a popup window


    I need a popup window for an ASP+ web app, the windows needs to take in
    a prameter or two, allow the user to update it then check to see if it
    is in range by doing a dn lookup.

    I just need to know how to popup a form/window with out closing the parent.


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    Paul Guest

    Re: Need a popup window

    The only way as far as i am aware is to use plain old javascript

    for example in your page do:

    <script language="javascript">"windowname.aspx");

    you can pass more parameters to the window open function to customize the
    way it looks etc.

    You can find more information from other javascript sites such as:

    Paul Hinett
    Fox Online

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    zack Guest

    Re: Need a popup window

    Thanks Paul,

    What I am trying to do is allow a user to change the opperating parameters
    on a pressure controller, each controller has different operating parms
    based on the type, so when a user changes the cut off setting, I want to
    make sure it is in range.

    Michael "Zack" Wassermann

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