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Thread: ASP Tooltip

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    Rachel Guest

    ASP Tooltip

    How do I create a tooltip for a listbox?
    I'm able to create a tooltip for a command button like this:
    <input type="Button" name="edit" value="Edit" onclick="EditAreaCheck()" title="Click
    here to edit your selected area">

    But how do I code it in this chunk of code for example?
    <select name="cboGIAreas" onchange="sendQual('giarea')">
    <%If Session("order") > 0 Then%>
    <option value = "<%Response.Write sGIArea%>" selected><%
    Response.Write sGIArea%>
    <option value = "default" selected><<<<<<<< please select a GIArea

    <%End If%>
    <%For x = 0 To Ubound(GIAreas) - 1%>
    <option value ="<%Response.Write GIAreas(x)%>"> <%Response.Write
    <%Next %>

    This is driving me crazy. Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Bullschmidt Guest

    Re: ASP Tooltip


    Perhaps change:
    <select name="cboGIAreas" onchange="sendQual('giarea')">

    To be this instead:
    <select name="cboGIAreas" onchange="sendQual('giarea')" title="blah blah

    And if that doesn't work, then try putting the whole select code within a
    td and use the title on that:
    <td title="blah blah blah">

    Best regards,
    Web Database Developer
    To help you put live data on the Web...

    >This is driving me crazy. Any help greatly appreciated!

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