The scenario:

We're attempting to make a grid that contains transaction line items with
the last column containing another datagrid. This datagrid contains 'sub-items'
(or the many of the one-to-many relationship). I've gotten as far as being
able to display the items and make them editable. I cannot, however, update
the fields.

If no one has an answer to this, something that could help me greatly is
whether it's possible to detect what event was fired? Incoming parameters
are for the ItemDataBound event aresender AS object, _
e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridItemEventArgs).

When a user presses the edit, cancel, or update link buttons on a subgrid,
all processing first flows throught the main grids ItemDataBound event. I
need to determine if the subgrids update (or OnUpdateCommand) event was triggered.

Any help, no matter how small it may seem, would be great!