I have the default.asp page on my site as a sort of "splash" (intro) page,
with a form on which has a submit button to enter the site with a checkbox
next to it, where you can check it to indicate next time you dont want to
see this page. Thus you click the enter button and get sent to news.asp.
Thing is, I dont know how to use cookies in ASP to do this (tragic isnt it),
so that default.asp looks for the cookie, if its there, go to news.asp straight
away, if its not carry on to render the splash page portion of default.asp
- then when the buttons pushed, pass the C1 (checkbox) value on to news.asp
with it - at the start of news.asp, it needs to check the value of c1 - if
it was 0 then just carry on with rendering the news page, but if c1 = 1 then
make the cookie. im sure ive explained it well enough, it'd be great if someone
could provide those several lines of code becuase i cant find anything on
the application of cookies in this way anywhere :/

many thanks