steps are taken is for SSL:-

1-Using CSR i create request for CA named "certreq.txt".
-It send me a email which i have 2 link one for CA root & n other
-one for trial server ID.
click on first link !
2-which gives me a certificate named "getcacert.cer"
-& install this certificate using

Click on the Accept Button at the top of this page.
A Dialog Box will appear that says "You have chosen to download a file from
this location: "getcacert from digitalid.verisign.com" Click the option that
says "Save this file to Disk." Click OK
Select the location of the file, leave name and file type to default
Prompt will appear: Download Complete, click Close.
Open IE 5.0 Browser
Go to Tools/Internet Options/ Content/ Certificates (trusted root authorities
tab)/ Import
Certificate Manager Import Wizard: click Next
Browse to the location of the recently stored root (done in step 3), select
ALL files for file type.
Select "getcacert" and click open
Click Next
Select "place all certificates in the following store" option
Highlight "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and click OK
Click Next 14.Click Finish
User will be prompted and asked if they wish to add the following certificate
to the root store, click Yes.

after complete my installation i goto to
-IIS5.0 -
-right click on default web site
-in directory security Tab
-secure communication->server certificate
-start wizard it said that
-process the sending request & install the certificate.
-when i select a file which i install above
- it gives me an error that is


the pending certificate request for this response file was not found!!

any help!!!!!!!!