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Thread: Application Package

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    Application Package

    [Originally posted by Ruel]

    When I try yo run the package and deployment wizard it tells me that it cant find the dependency information for msado25.tlb, if i continue, when i try to install the application on a Win 98 Environment the file cannot be registered and if I ignore it when i try to run the application i get ....
    [runtime error 430 - class does not support automation or does not support expected interface...

    I would appreciate any help.........

    n.b the application was developed in VB6 using Win XP


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    Re: Application Package

    [Originally posted by Ron Weller]

    That looks like the Type Libarary for ADO 2.5
    Go to your project and check your references.
    Check what version of ADO you have selected,
    like version 2.5. Also look for any Type
    libararies you may have selected. See if any
    are missing. If not try adding them to the
    list of files to be included in the package.
    The deployment wizard should allow you to
    add any additional files you want.

    Good Luck!

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