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Thread: 'IIS4 MemoryLeak'

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    'IIS4 MemoryLeak'

    [Originally posted by Snapper]


    I have a serious memoryleak problem in an ASP website running on IIS4 NT4 system. For some reason the inetinfo.exe uses more and more memory it finaly craped up the server. since then we restart the server every 2-4 days. does anyone have a clue how to monitor what is happenig on the server (ie objects,sessions,applicatio-object etc)? Does anyone know what could be a reason for the fact that it doesn't free up the used memory? It would be great to hear from u.

    cu Snapper

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    Re: 'IIS4 MemoryLeak'

    [Originally posted by m.posseth@work]

    the below link shows you how to troubleshoot this problem

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    Re: 'IIS4 MemoryLeak'

    [Originally posted by Marty]

    There could be a ton of reasons. You need to look through your global.asa and your ASP code for any server side objects that arean't behaving nicely. Always set the object = Nothing on your server side code when you're done with it. Also, try NOT to store references to objects in Session() or Application() variables. It is especially important not to reference VB objects like this. Since they're single threaded (yes, apartment threading is still single threaded), it will force the user to reuse the same IIS thread, which can create severe bottlenecks.

    Good Luck,


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