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Thread: Method or data member not found

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    Method or data member not found

    [Originally posted by Marco Silva]

    I was in trying some code and it's always appearing a error. I doesn't it work in my computer? See the "split" words , those words causes errors, it says that Method or data member not found, I need some help, please.

    Private Sub Form_Load()

    ' Before modifying the grid's properties, make sure the

    ' grid is initialized by refreshing the Data control.


    ' Create an additional splits:

    DBGrid1.splits.Add 0 ' Create an additional split

    ' Hide all columns in the leftmost split, Splits(0),

    ' except for columns 0 and 1

    Dim Cols As Columns, C As Column

    Set Cols = DBGrid1.splits(0).Columns

    For Each C In Cols

    C.Visible = False

    Next C

    Cols(0).Visible = True

    Cols(1).Visible = True

    ' Configure Splits(0) to display exactly two columns,

    ' and disable resizing

    With DBGrid1.splits(0)

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    Re:Method or data member not found

    [Originally posted by Tariq Ali Shaikh]

    You should go to form's GUI and check if the Data Bound grid is properly added (Click it and look at properties window, if it show "DBGrid1 PictureBox" then you have not properly installed DBGrid control. Try reinstalling VB.)

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