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Thread: Need help about text box

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    Need help about text box

    [Originally posted by Eli]

    Can someone tell me how can I make my program recognize every letter (and not just one letter)from the text box to avoid making many text boxes. Example: I have made a program for numerology and user must put his or her name, surname ecc. in the text boxex then program recognise every letter as a number (letter A is number 1, letter B is number 2 and so on)and write this value in other box. Now user must write every letter in a single text box and this is not useful so much. This is just an example to disribe what is the program about for better understanding. So I would like to know the code or some explanation how can I make just one box for name as example and one other for surname and the program can recognise every single letter and put this values in the other prepared boxes.


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    Re:Need help about text box

    [Originally posted by Greg DeBacker]

    This may be what you need. The sub routine ChangeToNum() will convert a string to a number like you said (a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, etc.) Call it from the _Change() event of the TextBox and it will convert as the user types.


    Private Sub Text1_Change()
    'Take the text typed in Text1
    'change it to numbers
    'and put it in Text2
    ChangeToNum Text1, Text2
    End Sub

    Private Sub ChangeToNum(TxtIn As TextBox, TxtOut As TextBox)
    Dim sTemp As String
    Dim sTemp2 As String
    Dim k As Integer
    sTemp = LCase$(TxtIn.Text)
    For k = 1 To Len(sTemp)
    sTemp2 = sTemp2 & Trim$(Str$(Asc(Mid$(sTemp, k, 1)) - 96))

    TxtOut.Text = sTemp2
    End Sub

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    Re:Re:Need help about text box

    [Originally posted by Eli]

    Thank you for your help Grex, this realy works and it`s very useful, but there is one more problem. Everything is ok but i forgot to tell you that numbers are not exactly in this order. I will explain you in the following rows.
    a is 1
    b is 2
    c is 3
    d is 4
    e is 5
    f is 6
    g is 7
    h is 8
    i is 9
    j is 1
    k is 2
    l is 3
    m is 4
    n is 5
    o is 6
    p is 7
    q is 8
    r is 9
    s is 1
    ... and so on till z which is 8.

    How should I do this?



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    Re:Re:Re:Need help about text box

    [Originally posted by Jim]

    use mod

    (asc(ucase("A"))-64) mod 9 = 1
    (asc(ucase("J"))-64) mod 9 = 1

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