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Thread: Lock Listview and Treeview

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    Lock Listview and Treeview

    [Originally posted by kenchen]

    Hello expert, how can i lock the listview and treeview object just like the textbox locked property.

    Because when the user having VIEW ONLY access right, they still can see the data but not modify them.

    I use these two controls by setting their Checkbox perperty to TRUE.

    One more thing, how can i disable a particular node in the treeview object, or make a particular node 's checkbox invisible ??

    Thank in advance

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    Re:Lock Listview and Treeview

    [Originally posted by Marcel Slooff]

    You can disable the label edit by setting the LabelEdit property to manual. Then the user can not edit the labels. The Event procedure NodeCheck can be used to catch user clicks on the checkboxes. In this event procedure you can also undo any checking or unchecking by the user. The event procedure also passes a reference to the node that's being clicked. Meaning you can also 'disable' specific nodes in the treeview.

    To ensure that a specific node is visible to the user you can call the EnsureVisible method of the Node object you want to show to the user. That goes something like this:

    Hope this explanation will do.

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