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Thread: How do I....

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    How do I....

    [Originally posted by Avi]

    I'm using ListView control in order to show results of a query. For example, say I want to show all the invoices recieved from a company, so the user can write the name of a company and all the invoices recieved from that company will be shown in the ListView control.
    So far I don't have any problems with that.
    My problem begins when I double click a line in the list. At the moment, when the user double clicks, the input form of the invoices is shown to him, without any connection to number of invoice he clicked. Say the number of the invoice is 4...I want to go to that record in the input form...How do i show the user that invoice's details, say 4, in the input form..that is my

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    Re:How do I....

    [Originally posted by Mrugendra Bhure]

    You must store the Invoice number in one of the columns of your listview. Now using the listview_Itemclick event use the Item.text property if first col contains No or Item.SubItems(colNumber + 1).value to get the Invoice Number , then open the form and navigate it to specific record.

    Hope this helps.
    You can also download similar sample Master-Detail Data Entry With datareports from code section which shows the˙ use of listview.


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