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Thread: Visual Studio Installer

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    Visual Studio Installer

    [Originally posted by Larry Asher]

    I have two question in regards to the Visual Studio Installer. I have been using it and think it is a better fit than the Package and Deployment Wizard. But, I have not been able to have the same control over the install, I thought I'd actually have more control.

    1. How would you install a new revision to an existing application? Whenever I try this the installer goes to a repair or remove option. If I do a repair it simply reinstalls the original files. So, I have to do an uninstall then reinstall the application.

    2. How can I run an executable, like MDAC. With the Package and Deployment Wizard if you listed the exe in the batch file it would run. The only way I have been able to get around this is to use the register button and have it run the executable.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re:Visual Studio Installer

    [Originally posted by Sean Naghibi]

    1. You could use a program called PatchWise which is free. or use what I am using which I think is the best around called Visual Patch ( however that costs $300 to $400. Using a patch program will solve your problem.

    2. Stay away from VB Installer. Use InnoSetup ( It is free and it works!

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    Re:Re:Visual Studio Installer

    [Originally posted by Gaz]


    Use Innosetup. I haven't looked back!

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