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Thread: Multiple versions of MDAC

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    Question Multiple versions of MDAC

    My app uses MDAC 2.6. One of my clients is saying that they already have MDAC installed and they do not want to mess up any of there current applications. Can mutiple versions of MDAC be used on the same PC? If MDAC 2.7 is already installed, do my clients need to install MDAC 2.6 since my app references it?


    Dan Reber

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    Why not upgrade your app to 2.7. And of course you can use multiple versions on the same system. Simply create two VB projects and have one reference 2.6 and another reference 2.5 and play around. You will notice that both will work.

    However, if your client is using 2.7, find out if they already have 2.6 installed on their systems. The ideal scenario is for them to have installed 2.6 prior to 2.7. I don't advise installing in the reverse order. Also MDAC installs seem to vary between versions of Windows. Here's a link that may help.

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    Thanks for the info...I am not sure what version they have installed though...The may have an earlier version. They are getting an error when they log in that looks like an ADO issue. I can't change to 2.7 because when our next release is completed, our clients will then have to update a few hundred PCs. I don't think that they will like that.

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    Even if you specified the 2.6 type library reference in your application it will ultimately use the latest version installed on the system, which in this case is 2.7.

    It's pretty much up to you to make certain that there are no differences in behavior between the versions that will affect your application.
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