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Thread: VBsendmail for

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    Aug 2004

    VBsendmail for

    [Originally posted by Todd]

    I have used vbsendmail in VB6 applications with no problems.
    I'm having problmens using vbsendmail.dll with When I reference the dll in, I'm able to send the email. However, when I close the application I get an error message.... The instruction at "0x77f8910e" referenced memory at "0x000000014". The memory could not be "read".

    I have tried to convert the vbsendmail source code to Having problems with that also.

    Any resolutions?????

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    Re:VBsendmail for

    [Originally posted by m.posseth@work]

    why are you using the sendmail dll in VB.NET while VB.NET has its own superior mail send methods bult in ????

    if you use an activex object in Vb.NET you should use a wrapper ( VB.NET can do this for you )

    however in VB.NET you can e-mail in every app ( web aplication and distributed application ) like this

    set a refernce to System.Web

    Imports System.Web.Mail

    in anny method

    Dim Mail As New MailMessage

    set all the properties of the mail object ( as you like )

    now :
    set the smtp server
    SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "ip adres or name of smtp here"

    and away is your mail message :-)

    the built in method suports atachments , html formating and lots and lots more

    so no need for the vbsendmail.dll in .NET

    happy coding ,,,, and a merry christmas to all of you

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    Aug 2004

    Re:VBsendmail for

    [Originally posted by Reggie Van Wyk]

    The vbSendMail class references a winsock control on the form "frmSck". This is used directly instead of instantiating a new form and I believe .NET does not like that. I added the following code and I no longer get the error.

    Private mfSck as frmSck

    In Class_Initialize:
    Set sckMail = frmSck.WinSck
    Set mfSck = New frmSck
    Load mfSck
    Set sckMail = mfSck.MailSock

    In Class_Terminate:
    Set sckMail = Nothing
    Set sckMail = Nothing
    Unload mfSck
    Set mfSck = Nothing

    Good luck!

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