I am proud to announce a new conference for Web developers (from a
server-side perspective) named E-Developer's Conference (EDevCon for short)
to be held December 6-10, 2000 in the Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel.

EDevCon will be a complimentary show to the CNET Builder.com Live!
Conference (it'll be held in the same hotel and at the same time as the CNET
conference). While the CNET conference is traditionally strong for folks who
look at the world from a client-side perspective, the EDevCon will be for
server-side developers and their managers.

We would like to talk with you about speaking at either (or both) the CNET
Builder.com Live! or the EDevCon. This is a fun show to go to -- is anything
in New Orleans not fun? Dan Shafer of CNET (and now CEO of his own DotCom
startup) has built a very fun and informative conference? EDevCon will
compliment CNET's Builder.com by going in depth into multi-server
development issues.

Instead of writing a big long hairy email, I've put together a Web site for
potential speakers so you can evaluate whether or not you'd be interested in
speaking at it. (We expect more than 1000 attendees at the EDevCon -- we had
more than 1300 at the Builder.com Live! Conference last year and we're
noticing that there aren't many conferences that really help server-side
developers do their jobs better).

Some of the things I've covered on the Potential Speaker FAQ about the
EDevCon is:
1) What is the Target Attendee for EDevCon? Who shouldn't attend? Who should
2) Differences between EDevCon and Builder.com
3) Track names and Marketing Themes for EDevCon
4) A Call for Speakers for EDevCon
All these are covered here:

5) What are the Potential Workshop Topics?
6) What are the Potential Session Topics?
All these are covered here:

7) I'm not a server programmer. Are you still looking for speakers for
CNET's Builder.com Live?
A: Absolutely! We still have a Call for Speakers for the CNET show at

Questions? Concerns? Fire away.


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