Release 1.03b (beta) of eForum is available for download from the site now,
via the Download link on the project's home page
and also via CVS (and JCVS).

This release is a large jump forward in eForum's functionality, and corrects
a number of bugs from the previous release. It is now possible to subscribe
to groups with email notifications - where each new message is emailed to
the subscriber.

The format of browsing messages has also been enhanced, and many new convenience
features have been added. Many of the updates have been made to the JSP pages
that are a part of eForum, so don't forget to download both the source and
the HTML/JSP bundles.

This new version of eForum is running on our web site now as well, and we
encourage you to try it out & participate in discussions.

eForum is still very much in need of feedback and contributors, we've got
a lot more planned for it & need your help to make it happen.