Agendum Software is pleased to announce the release of AgWindowWatch v1.4.7!
Our award winning FREEWARE Active window, screen or web page resolution and
measuring test tool! This new version contains new capabilities and
features that enhance this award winning tools capabilities - and it remains

The new visible rulers now allow you to size, check size and measure any
active window on your system without changing or modifying ANY of your
systems settings. Check any screen or active windows size, position and
resolution on the fly as you work. Single click hot buttons allow you to
instantly change the active windows resolution to ANY resolution you need
using the configurable preset ranges. Activate the rulers which allow for
either absolute or relative measuring, and you can visually test any screen,
window or image sizing or positioning scenario you can think of.

The rulers also have what we call our 'Active Measuring' capability! Hold
down the shift key while moving the window or mouse and you will see precise
measuring lines being drawn on the rulers. This allows you to test multiple
window sizes against other windows or objects on the fly or test against
other object positions on the fly. Use the 'Lock' ruler button to lock
each ruler to the active windows horizontal and vertical sides for exact
measurements. Lock the rulers to the screen no matter what resolution you
are and have a built in measuring area the full width and length of your

Visit our website today and download your copy of our latest award winning
freeware release, AgWindowWatch! - Innovative Ideas that add life to your
Development Environment!


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