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Hi all, I am starting a project and could use some starting tips.

The project is to take an existing eVB program (that I did not write) and convert it to run on a desktop machine. The program uses a net connection to get data from the SQL server and update its local database. It then does the normal programmy stuff and the user can send info back to the sql server to update that DB.

The project also has a second form with 3 boxes that say file, filesystem and Winsock IRDA that have property names: "f1 file", "fsys filesystem", and "winsock1 winsock" Winsock IRDA. The code in this form is just to check the connection.

I have VB 6.0 and Visual Studio .NET developer edition available to me. I dont know either language very well so there isnt a real prefrence in those terms, but I was leaning towards using .NET as it is a newer technology.

I guess my questions are:

Is .Net a better choice?

Suggestions for converting said program? anyone done something like this before?

How do I get a net connection to transmit data
in .net? is it just a winsock or something else?

Whats the deal with that second form?

Thanks for any help!