We are pleased to announce the release of the BETA version of DevWizard 2001
Version 2.0. DevWizard 2001 (formerly COM-Gen 2000) is a VB6 AddIn which

allows a developer to create an entire 3-tier application with just a few

clicks of his or her mouse. All you need to do is supply a valid ODBC or

OLEDB data source, and DevWizard 2001 does the rest.

Key features include:

- Automatic generation of XML-enabled COM/COM+ objects
- Automatic generation of ANSI SQL stored procedures
- Automatic generation of ASP pages with JavaScript client-side code,
useable with any browser
- Optional generation of XML-enabled stored procedures for use with
SQL Server 2000 (or later)

The DevWizard 2001 BETA is free for the taking. Just visit our web site
http://www.q-d.com. While you're there, feel free to join our discussion
group to share your opinion with us and the rest of our growing user base.

Thanks for your time,
Dave Verschleiser
Q&D Software Development