I am an Internet Business Solutions consultant with VERIO, the world's largest
domain name based web hosting company. You have taken the next step towards
having your own web site by registering a domain name. The next step is to
set up a hosting account and e-mail service, so you can have the space
on the internet to build and/or publish YOUR website.

VERIO establishes thousands of sites EVERY DAY! Don't let someone else steal
your idea while you're waiting!! Make your ideas a reality today.

Verio has the hosting Plan to meet your needs, whatever they may be. If you
don't see it here, we have it. Just call or email and I'll send you the details
on whatever your needs may be:

Verio offers:
E-commerce solutions,
NT hosting,
Dedicated/Virtual Private Servers,
Web Design,
Dial-up access, High End Connectivity,
Domain Pointing and MORE!

Take a look at the Plans below and tell me which one will best suit your
needs or call me and we can discuss what you are trying to accomplish and
make the decision together.
These are just a few of MANY different packages that we offer. If you don't
see what you are in need of, please give me some specifications of your requirements
and I will forward you the solution.

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Canada 1-800-370-3269 ext. 5323
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