Site Raider Gives Unparalleled Power to Web Developers By Providing Dynamic
Web Content Extraction, Analysis, and Source Code Generation

Irvine, Calif. – February 18, 2002 – BCF Technology, veteran designers of
custom enterprise software applications, today announced the official launch
and release of the Site website and Site Raider 1.0 Web development
tool. Site Raider, opens new vistas for website composition, content re-use,
and analysis of website transaction flow.

An industry first, Site Raider generates source code that reproduces users
actions performed on any website. This includes user logon, site navigation,
website interaction, and content viewing. Once loaded onto a web-server and/or
applications-server, the generated source code retrieves Web content, drives
web-based applications, builds single sign-on applications, and performs
other robotic functions that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars or
more to develop individually.

“As the ‘must-have’ Web tool, Site Raider is destined to redefine the costs
associated with web-based Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), content
aggregation, and other screen scrape or robotic applications,” said Fred
Covely and CEO at BCF Technology. “With Site Raider, anyone can quickly
incorporate content or data from web applications or sites for which they
have appropriate access rights. The analysis functions alone will help web
designers or developers understand how their own sites are working - or not.”

Ideal for webmasters, web developers and anyone who deals with large-scale
web projects or disparate enterprise portals, such as intranets, extranets,
etc., Site Raider conveniently allows users to integrate and reuse content
from their heterogeneous web properties with one, easy to use application.

Site Raider as an Analysis Tool
Designed for analysis of complex web based applications, Site Raider’s “tracing/scraping”
capabilities go far beyond view/source, copy and paste. After tracing a
website or set of web transactions, Site Raider allows users to drill down
on specific transactions, view HTTP headers, cookies and form values. Additionally,
the DOM objects (links, graphics, scripts, etc.) from each retrieved page
are extracted and displayed in an easy to use tree layout. With its robust
transaction file filtering capabilities (.css, .java, .gif., etc.), users
can quickly pull out or skip over unimportant transactions, banner ads for
example, or irrelevant content.

Site Raider as an Aggregator
Scraping content from multiple sources and then integrating content into
new applications is a true forte of Site Raider. Knowledge management, data
aggregation, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Competitive Intelligence
(CI) and other applications can take advantage of Site Raider’s content aggregation
capabilities. Developers can easily create dynamic sites that collect financial
data, perform single sign-on functions, or invisibly monitor changing content.

Site Raider’s support for SSL-based websites is completely transparent to
the designer/programmer. Additionally, Site Raider does the “heavy lifting,”
by identifying network redirects, cookie events, digital certificates, and
other complex events that are common in enterprise-level aggregation applications.

Site Raider as a Code Generator
A key feature of Site Raider is its ability to generate source code. The
analysis phase of Site Raider generates an XML representation of the user
and network events. The built in XSL transform engine in Site Raider then
converts the XML representation of the key events into usable source code.
Currently Site Raider emits Java source code, JavaScript, VB Script (ASP),
and Cold Fusion source code. In the Professional version, users are allowed
to integrate their own XSL, thus allowing source code generation for even
proprietary languages or applications. Combined with Site Raider’s server-side
libraries, new source code can be generated for use with IIS or Apache web

Pricing and Availability
Available now, Site Raider runs on Windows® ME, Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
A free, full-featured demo version is available for a 10-day trial period
at,, and
(listed under Web Design Utilities). The street price for Site Raider Professional
is $429; Site Raider Standard is $299; and Site Raider Light is $149. An
enterprise version of Site Raider, known as AFT Designer, is available directly
from BCF Technology. The Enterprise version includes the ability to generate
web services “on the fly” from existing web sites and applications.

About BCF Technology
Founded in 2001 by leading enterprise software developers, BCF Technology
designs and develops advanced enterprise solutions that range from enterprise
application integration to web development and management tools. Developed
by BCF Technology, Site Raider is the first of its kind web tool that empowers
web developers to easily extract, aggregate and generate web code and content.

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