NEWS - 2002/08/13
myLittleTools.net : web-based applications for ASP developers

myLittleTools.net is proud to announce that myLittleWrite v1.2 is now
myLittleWriter allows JPG and PNG image insertion, and HTML
pre-formatted text insertion. Live Demo section has been updated to show
these new features.

myLittleWriter is a .wsc component which allows to easily
create RTF files on-the-fly from ASP pages. Best of all, you
DON'T NEED to have MS Word installed on the server to use
myLittleWriter. myLittleWriter is very efficient when you need
to create reports, invoices or quotes on-the-fly. myLittleWriter
generates real RTF files which means that you can open
generated files with almost all word processor softwares.

With myLittleWriter, you can manage :
+ page formatting including page size, margins...
+ font formatting including font name, size, color...
+ header and footer including field controls (date, page...)
+ field insertion including page, page count, date, file name...
+ table insertion
+ image insertion (JPG and PNG format are supported)
+ HTML-formatted text insertion (a lot of tags like <B>, <I>,
<BR>, are supported)
+ and much more...

A live demo is available on www.mylittletools.net/livedemo/mlw.

As myLittleWriter is written as a script-component, you can use it
even if you are not allowed to install component on your web server.

myLittleWriter is provided in source code format (JScript).
You can purchase myLittleWriter online on www.myLittleTools.net
for EUR 99 or USD 89.

myLittleTools.net : web-based applications for ASP developers