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Thread: Newbie question: adding projects to a solution in Visual studio 2003

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    Aug 2004

    Newbie question: adding projects to a solution in Visual studio 2003

    Hi All,
    I'm new to .Net and especially to visual studio. I want to start coding in it however something is already preventing me.

    I've been asked by my work to develop a web based ap to track employees timesheets. Instead of developing one from scratch which would take me forever i thought i'd download and configure a premade one for our needs. I found one here , downloaded it and set it up. It works fairly well, but i now need to tailor it to our needs.

    The ap is installed with an sql database on a server running win serv 2003. I have Visual studio 2003 installed on my machine which is separate from the server, but in the same domain. I'm having problems opening the project files.

    I've slowly learnt that you can't access a solution across the network so i've moved the .sln file that comes with the time tracker ap onto my local machine, but it still won't open.

    The project file is stored on the server under the following address:
    C:\Program files\ASP.Net Starter kits\ time tracker (CSVS)\TTWebCSVS
    The .sln files points to it as http://Sqlserver/ASP.NET TimeTracker (CSVS)/TTMobileCSVS
    and i access the homepage by typing http://sqlserver/

    When i try and add that project file to my sln or make a new blank solution it claims that i am trying to add a web project and that i need to provide its relativant URL. So i try and add it as a web project by giving it the path http://sqlserver/ is its parameter but it just opens up a blank folder

    Can anyone tell where i'm going wrong. It's clearly something very obvious and simple.

    Much appreciated,

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    Aug 2004
    anyone got ideas? I'm really drawing a blank at a blank at the momment.

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    Dec 2003
    If you're attempting to add or open an existing project then you should be specifying the path to the web app project and not the web server root. Did you try:

    http://Sqlserver/ASP.NET TimeTracker (CSVS)/TTMobileCSVS
    If you're still having problems getting this to work the alternative is to create a new project using Visual Studio.NET and then add each of the project files to the new project.
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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