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Thread: Replace function in SQL

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    Lightbulb Replace function in SQL, or only PL/SQL


    We have a JSP application using ORACLE db and SQL. It runs on Tomcat 1.4. We were using NS 4.7 and made it compatible with IE 6.0.
    The biggest problem we've seen so far it that the archived HTML files don't look right in the newer browser because of its different interpretation of the input field size. We were thinking about using a parsing function in <body> tag, just to display the text without forms. My question is: how I can select the HTML file from the db and in the SQL query replace
    <body onLoad="calcTotal();"> with <body onLoad=" parseDoc(document);calcTotal();">.

    Or it will be better to update the table with all archived HTML files inside the database. Something like:
    <body onLoad="calcTotal();"> with <body onLoad=" parseDoc(document);calcTotal();">.

    Ufortunately I missed inportant detail - the field that stores html is of type LONG.
    On client side it stores legacy data - html page with user input (there was some business case to do it that way)
    The question is - what would be the best way to edit field of datatype LONG - SQL, PL/SQL, dump it to the bunch of files and edit by Perl, ... ?
    Please, maybe you have another solution; thank you very much for any recommendations.

    Finaly, we found the way just by adding the parsing function in JavaScript code after <%= htmlFile %>.

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