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Thread: Career Advice

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    Troy Easterling Guest

    Career Advice

    Hello, I am considering a career change and re-entering my first love "Application
    Development". I know that the economy and job openings are not the greatest
    right now, but I would like to be prepared to take advantage of them when
    they start to turnaround. I have posted my resume below, could you take
    a look at it and tell me where I am weak and what I might consider doing
    to improve my changes. For example, VB.Net or PERL training.

    Thanks a million, any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    Troy Easterling
    Web version at:

    To be involved with the analysis, design, and management of information through
    the merging of technologies and business processes. To be responsible for
    ensuring the efficient flow of information through the system as well as,
    managing the effective utilizing of that information to meet business objectives.

    - Credit Analysis Application Used by LOF (Pinkerton). Assists in the
    determination of a customer's credit worthiness. The system was based on
    the criteria and scoring identified by a team of LOF credit analysts. Tools:

    - Sales Order Application Used by Flag Fire Inc. Order tracking, inventory
    verification, and invoice processing for all sales orders. Tools: Access/VB/ACT

    - Appeals Application Used by the on staff-nursing unit to track the appeals
    process of network of physicians. The application supported approximately
    20 users. Tools: Access.

    - Backlog Application Used by the medical and dental claims processing
    units to track progress and backlogs of claims. The application supported
    approximately 20 users. Tools: Access.

    - Attendance Application Used by supervision and management. The application
    tracked an employee's attendance, which included vacation, sick days, excused
    absences, and tardiness. In addition, Employees used the application to
    pre-schedule vacation requests. The application supported approximately
    180 limited users and 15 supervisors and managers. Tools: Access/VB.

    - Personal Care Physician Re-Certification Application Used by a special
    unit of nurses to track the re-certification process of network of physicians
    and hospitals. The application supported approximately 5 users. Tools:

    - Cost Reporting Application Used by the on staff nursing unit and physicians
    to track negotiated cost reduction and savings. The application supported
    approximately 10 users. Tools: Access/VB.

    - Composite Application Used by supervision to track monthly performance
    audits. The application calculated performance scores based on the number
    of claims processed, % of accuracy, attendance (see attendance application
    above), customer satisfaction, and backlogs (see backlog application above).
    The application supported approximately 24 users. Tools: Access/VB.

    Database Management. Tasks included:
    Creating and updating tables
    Establishing and maintaining constraints and data integrity
    Creating queries for requested information
    Producing reports for requested information

    Voice Communication support. Tasks included:
    Resolving day to day phone communication and reader board problems
    Coordinating and facilitating moves and upgrades of phones and reader boards
    Acting as liaison to outside service support and service suppliers
    Monitoring and facilitating the payment of monthly communication expenses

    Help Desk support. Tasks included:
    Resolving PC production problems that were identified by the customer
    Researching and presenting evaluations on PC hardware and software packages
    Writing a monthly newsletter to inform users of city and industry changes

    Warehouse/Material Management Improvement Team Leader Led an effort to
    improve the overall financial delivery of the business unit by improving
    the performance of the warehouse and material management functions. This
    Establishing Mechanisms to eliminate surplus, obsolete, and overstocked
    Strategy Development consisting of Consignments, JIT, Vending, and Free
    Defining the optimal staffing level and training requirements

    Performance Delivery Acceleration (PDA) Team Leader PDA was super-sized
    peer assist process, which reviewed all aspects of the business unit's activities.
    The best performance improvement ideas identified by this review were implemented
    in order to reach
    a $90 million target.

    Reader Board Installation Overseen the purchase and installation of reader
    boards that were used to inform customer service reps of the number of customers
    waiting in que, the number of customers being serviced, and the number of
    reps on line.

    Supervised union personnel (up to 20) in the operating conditions and sequences
    to be used to achieve operational goals with an emphasis toward safety, product
    quality, cost, energy conservation and environmental protection.

    Analyzed and Developed operational targets based on commercial needs, tank
    storage, and lab results. Supervised the required action to meet those targets.

    Managed the department's training program, which included:
    Identifying the level of employee knowledge, skills, and abilities
    Defining training needs and implementing programs to meet those needs
    Preparing, coordinating, and implementing annual training plans
    Preparing training manual and procedures
    Aiding in the development and implementation of new employee orientation

    User Guides preparation for computer applications and Trained users on the
    use of various applications

    Developed, Implemented and Executed service contract strategy. Tasks included:

    Developing and executing service contract agreements
    Initiating and performing research and analysis in support of the contracting
    Performing supplier evaluations to ensure adherence to standards and guidelines

    1980 to Pres. BP Oil, Toledo, OH Contract Specialist/Team Leader/Trainer/Supervisor

    Note: the following positions were held part time while employed by BP
    1993 to 1997 Aetna, Toledo, OH Programmer Analyst/Voice Communication Tech
    1997 to 1997 Computol, Inc, Toledo, OH Contract Programmer/Consultant
    1989 to 1990 City of Toledo, Toledo,OH Computer Information Help Desk

    Certificate, 2002
    Web Administration
    Owens Community College

    MBA, 2001
    International Business
    Heidelberg College

    Bachelor of Business, 1991
    Management of Information Systems
    University of Toledo

    Visual Basic through 6.0, MS Access through 2000, JAVA, HTML,
    FoxPro, MS Office, MAXIMO, Contract Law

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    Elena Guest

    Re: Career Advice

    Troy, I hesitated in replying to your post because I've been told I don't
    do a very good job on my own resume - - but I'll throw in a few ideas and
    you can take them for what they're worth.

    First, I assume by "application development" you do NOT mean project manager
    for application development - - you mean design/code/test/implement software.
    I only bring this up because I see the MBA and people are going to expect
    you are interested in project management.

    If you truly mean software development, you need to have, right at the top
    of your resume, a big block of technical acronyms. There are a couple ways
    to format it but here is one:

    Software: VB, Access 97, Access 2000, HTML, Javascript, whatever
    Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, HP-UX, whatever
    Hardware: Intel platforms, HP 9000, whatever whatever

    80% of what employers are looking for on the first pass is the software and
    hardware environment. By burying that information at the end of a paragraph
    (tools used: vb) you will lose people because they won't read that far.
    I know it sounds stupid, but the tools come first - - business knowledge,
    type of industry, accomplishments all run a far distant second. Employers
    are incredibly myopic on this subject.

    I realize this presents a problem for you (because you don't have a lot of
    tools on your resume) but if you want to go back to software development
    that is what it's going to take. So you need to "get some tools" - - either
    by doing volunteer work or taking on small tasks at your current employer.
    It's going to be an uphill battle to convince employers you know "enough"
    tools to work in their environment. I don't want to discourage you but I
    want you to have a clear understanding about the market.

    Personally, I suck at writing professional objective statements but I think
    I recognize some of my own weakness in your writing. "To be involved with"
    is a very passive statement. The following sentence doesn't do much to clarify.
    If you want project management - - state clearly that you are looking for
    a PM job. If you want software development - - state you are looking for
    software development position and write something about the type of platform/technical
    environment you want. Also, don't bother writing that you want to "grow"
    and "develop" and work in a "challenging" or "interesting" environment.

    OK, rather than blather on and on I'll stop at this point and see what the
    others say and if you think I have made some erroneous assumptions.


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