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Thread: Beginning Java programming

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    Question Beginning Java programming

    I have just recently delved into the vast progam of java. I also have a beg java class which the professor knows nothing about. Are there any books or sites that you can think of that will help a java newbie with writing his own programs?

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    Sun's Java Tutorial will keep you reading awhile; it can be downloaded or review it online at:

    Books are nice, and one that I've found very helpful is by Dietel & Dietel: Java How to Program (4th Edition)by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel $76.00 buckaroos online.

    There are many other ones, and many folks like:
    "Thinking in Java" by Bruce Eckel (about $35 i think).

    Personally I like the Dietel book because it has pictures, examples, online examples, and it's very easy to follow. I'm quite a visual person and, frankly, I need the simplicity!!

    Both the books come with a CDs that have helpful examples, support programs, etc.

    The Java Cookbook (many helpful programs) and Java In a Nutshell(good reference desk manual) by O'Reilly are nice books to have, but you'll want to grab those after a solid introduction to the language .

    Your local library probably has these, so you can take a peek at them, or others, and see what you like.

    There are many online forums for java, but most seem to be question-and-answer rather than step-by-step tutorial type (like the Sun Micro tutorial). Perhaps some of our other forum members will have good suggestions.


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