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Thread: Circular Queue iteration

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    Feb 2004

    Circular Queue iteration

    How you doing guys,

    i'm trying to loop through and array of queues and i'm suppose to keep looping in order until all the queues are empty. here what it looks like

    int currentQ=0;
    int numQueue; // total number of queues
    boolean customer = true;
    while (customer) { //infinite loop

    //Are all the Queues Empty?
    // if (allEmpty(queues)) {
    // System.out.println(
    // "No more customers to see, all lines are clear");
    // break;
    // }

    if (queues[currentQ].isEmpty()) { // if this Queue is empty, go to the next

    if (currentQ == numQueue-1) {
    currentQ = 0; // get set back to Queue 1

    Ticket tickSeen = (Ticket) queues[currentQ].dequeue();
    custome = false;

    } //end of infinite while

    ps: allEmpty() just check every queues to see if there empty

    I'm running out of idea, it doesn't so difficult but i just don't see it, can anyone direct me in the right direction? lol

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    Feb 2004
    thanks to wacky use of {} brackets, you only ever dequeue items from the first queue..

    there's 2 ways you can empty queues.. one at a time, or all in parallel. your method looks parallel so here is what i present. you will have to fill out this code:

    boolean somQueuesHaveItems
    while someQueuesHaveItems{
      someQueuesHaveItems = false
      for each index in theQueues array{
        if the queue at this index is empty
          continue on to the next iteration of the for loop
          create a temporary ticket
          dequeue the front item into the temp ticket
          print the item
          if the queue at this index is NOT empty (yet - remember we dequeued)
            some queues still have items is true
    can you see how that logic works.. as long as at least one queue has an item left in it, the for loop will start again. if no queue has items remaining, the boolean is never set to true and the while loop exits. you COULD do this with one loop, but 2 is easier to think about, basically because you have a loop that pulls items off, and another loop that decides if that loop should run again
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    Feb 2004

    Nice it works

    Thanks for the info cjard, you learn something new everyday , i'll make sure i put this to good use.
    If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z where X is work; Y is play; Z is keep your mouth shut. Albert Einstein

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