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Thread: Server Side Java Developers- EJB, J2EE,WebLogic

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    DC Jobs Guest

    Server Side Java Developers- EJB, J2EE,WebLogic

    Senior developers needed to help develop server side scripting using Java
    Script, EJB using WebLogic server. Ideal experience includes: Designing the
    Screens using Swing Components.
    Deploying Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) using WebLogic server.

    Description of project:
    Use EJB for Load balancing and Instance Pooling.
    Develop the Front- End form using Java Script, HTML and DHTML. The validation
    of the form is done using Java Script at the client side. The processed data
    is transferred to the database through Servlets at the server side. Use WebLogic
    Server for handling Servlets at the Server side. Developed Java Server Pages
    (JSP) for the above application.

    Involved in the design/development of user Wizard, Company Wizard,Design
    of Entity beans, Session Beans. Responsible for testing, debugging and code
    fixing on presentation layer which involves different JSP pages and at Business
    Layer involving
    different EJBs.

    IF you would like to be considered for this project please contact a technical
    recruiter at RCM Technologies, 301.986.1412, or

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    Lakshmanan Guest

    Re: Server Side Java Developers- EJB, J2EE,WebLogic

    Hello Sir,
    I have seen your Letter, from, I would like to do that project if
    i have a chance to do that. Presently i am working as java developer.
    I am attaching my resume to you kind perusal.

    8/13, SASTRI NAGAR
    MADRAS - 600 107
    Phone: 91+44+487 1048
    Date of Birth : 21st December 1974

    Profile Summary:

    Organization: Kaashyap Radiant Systems Ltd., Madras

    Worked as a Programmer, for the past two and half years and handled various
    One year in C Knowledege in C++.
    One and half years in Java 1.1/2.
    Hava a knowledge in Oracle DBA

    Organization: Nesh Software solution, Pondicherry

    Working as a Project Leader in Java 2. from December 99 onwards..

    Total years of IT experience : 4+ years

    Educational Qualification:

    Bachelor of Science(Mathematics),1995,
    Madras University, Madras

    Presently Doing M.Sc.,(Maths)
    Annamalai University,Chidambaram.

    Technical Skills:

    Operating Systems : Windows 95/98, Windows NT
    Languages : C, C++, Java 2.0
    DBMS : FoxPro
    RDBMS : Knowledge in MS Access
    Web Development
    Tools : HTML, Java Script
    Specialization : I/O , Net Working , RMI , JDBC , Swing , Servlets ,
    DBA : Oracle 8 DBA

    Project : Online Automatic Billing System

    Employer : Swathi Internet Browsing Center Trichy
    Duration : Currently Doing
    Software : Java 2.0, Swing, Servlets, JDBC, I/O ,
    Net Working,SQL Server

    Brief Project Profile
    This project is developing for Internet Browsing Center. The main concept
    of this module is that when the customer enter into the net connection, the
    local initial time is strored in the database server. When the user exit
    from the net connection, the printer will automatically produce the bill
    according to their usage of net. Here no need of keeping the notebook for
    usage of time for each user manually.

    Role : Coding and debugging

    Project : Online Chating with Email System

    Employer : Nesh Software Solution
    Duration : Four Months
    Software : Java 2.0, Swing, Servlets, JDBC, I/O , Net Working,MS Access

    Brief Project Profile
    Using this project we can chat with other client like yahoo chat, First we
    have to register our name with password. It will store in a database. After
    registration we have to login in to the server. Server will response the
    client request. Then start to chat. This is a multithreaded program. We can
    chat with any number of other clients simultaneously.There is no private
    chat everything is public chat.This project includes email facility also.This
    facility is working within the building only.

    Role : Coding, designing and debugging

    Project : Online Exam

    Employer : Nesh Software Solution
    Duration : 1 month
    Software : Java 1.2, RMI,I/O and java Net working

    Brief Project Profile
    This project is developed for conducting an interviews priliminary test.
    The questions will be displayed automatically and ramdomly. Here there is
    no database. Instead we used the ObjectSerialization, Networking and RMI
    with security. The result will be stored in another file. That file is also
    created automatically with the different name. No question will be called
    again. Finnaly the result will be displayed to the corresponding client that
    the client is qualified or not.

    Role : Coding and debugging

    Project : Materials Management Systems

    Employer : Kaashyap Radiant Systems Ltd.
    Duration : 6 months
    Software : Java 2.0, Oracle 7.3, Windows NT

    Brief Project Profile
    This project consists of purchase order and stock maintenance module. A customer
    and supplier information maintaining system and a production control system,
    which will monitor the current raw materials level and produce the finished
    products accordingly

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