Hello Guys

I don't know if this is the right place to post this thread, hoping you execuse me.

my problem is that i want my java application to scan an image, if I open the twain software, and click SCAN then everything is ok. But if i hide the twain software, or allowing automatic scan, then a dialog box indicating that the scanner is warming, appears. when the indicator reach the end, an error message is displayed (Scan Failed).

I know the problem is from the Plustek USB scanner, because my old scanner (Genius) used to work fine while hiding the UI.
I got the new scanner because it contains the ADF. when my software use this feature (it start scanning automatically) the same problem arises. one solution that I found is to empty the document feeder until the TWAIN Software ask for papers. I press cancel, feed the scanner, and click SCAN.

Please can you tell me if there is any solutions to this problem, or at least direct me to the correct place.