Hi people

I'm building a web based multiple file upload system for commercial use. The emphasis is on ease of use for the end user, who may have to upload many files in one go and so I've created an applet drag and drop based file chooser (so they can choose many files at once).

I've also finished writing the server side components (using the struts framework) for receiving and processing the multipart request from the browser.

The problem I'm having is how to send the files selected from the browser to the server as a multipart request.

I tested the server side bits using a standard html form with file inputs (Eg <input type="file" name="file1"> etc) and that works fine, but how do I get the applet to create that kind of request?

I think I probably need some kind of uploader class that turns a list of files into a multipart request that opens a connection to the server and sends it...but I'm not sure how - any code samples would be much appreciated...

Thanks for any help you can provide

Paul ;-)