Multiple software developer positions are available

Seeking Low-level VC++ Developers for Revolutionary Database Software running
on NT/Unix Platforms

**This is not MFC, middleware, GUI, or Java - this is low-level development


Positions are only for those who can offer significant low-level VC++/C++
development experience (8-15+ years) in a commercialized software development
environment. All developers who are on the RTI team have considerable professional
development experience dealing with inheritance, polymorphisms, memory management
techniques, multithreading, synchronization, and inter/intra-process communication.


You will design, code, and unit test lower-level architecture modules (this
is not a MFC, middleware, GUI, or Java job). You must offer 8-15+ years experience
designing and developing high performance, scalable commercialized software
architectures for NT platform. Unix development expertise couldn't hurt...

This work will require a tremendous amount of dedication and personal leadership,
as you will "own" your modules throughout the software development life cycle.


Although each position specifically refers to development of a core, server-side
module, one should that they will be working in other areas of development
as well. For instance, all developers will work closely with the Unix people
as they port the application from NT to Unix.

CLIENT/SERVER SHELL ARCHITECTURE (expertise in APIs, cross-platform
development, security/authentication, 3rd party integration, STL).

DISTRIBUTED BATCH LOADER (guru-level expertise in VC++)

SQL/MDX PARSER (expertise in parsers, compilers, ODBC drivers, database
interface-query side, STL)

VC++/NT TO C++/SOLARIS PORT (expertise in porting from NT/VC++ to Solaris/C++,
Linux/FreeBSD a big plus)

An inquisitive drive to learn and develop new concepts and technologies,
exceptional analytical, problem solving and debugging skills, and a BS-Ph.D.
in Computer Science or equivalent round out our requirements.


At Required Technologies Inc., we have developed revolutionary algorithmic
techniques for representing data. These techniques form the basis for new
database principles and data storage concepts that will ultimately be as
significant as the invention of the relational model of data. According to
the experts, this is really groundbreaking stuff.

We are a revolutionary software company looking for highly inquisitive, technically
creative, and success-motivated people who are interested in changing the
present to create a new future for database technology. As of August 2001,
we have 22 employees, with a target of 35 by year-end. YES, we will go public,
NO, we are not a dot com, YES, we are very well funded, and YES, the revenue
potential is huge.

RTI has been granted a pioneer patent - with additional patents filed - for
a pervasive database technology. This new technology will change the way
and speed in which information is processed. In fact, this new technology
has demonstrated its ability to produce results on that are orders of magnitude
faster than existing technology.

Our company is extremely well funded by private investors and our approach
has won the endorsement of Dr. E. F. Codd and Dr. C. J. Date, the two technologists
directly responsible for the relational model and development of relational
database systems. In fact, Drs. Codd and Date are members of our Scientific
Advisory Board which also includes Dr. Michael Stonebraker and Dr. Eugene
Wong, co-developers of Ingres.

We're also aggressively supported (and partially funded) by a very well known
- and one of the best - patent law firms. Have you ever heard of a patent
law firm investing in a company? We must be really good...


Our new offices are located in New York City near Bryant Park (130 West 42nd
Street), within blocks of Grand Central Station (3), Penn Station (6) and
Port Authority (3). Moving in mid-August.


If you meet our needs, you will be contacted to schedule an interview that
will include hands-on coding in VC++ and in-depth technical discussions.
The interview process will test and stretch your cognitive and programming
abilities. If you really are a C++ expert, our interview process will confirm
your expertise.


At RTI, you'll receive great compensation, benefits, options, a very intellectually
stimulating work environment (lots of brain power), and the satisfaction
of creating something truly revolutionary. Relocation assistance and work
sponsorship may be available.

Website coming soon!



Send your resume, (ideally) a code sample and salary requirements - noting
the specific position - to me at the noted email...