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Thread: HELP! Submit Form In IFRAME Breaks frame navigation

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    HELP! Submit Form In IFRAME Breaks frame navigation

    I have a script (script1.php) that has a form whos results are displayed in an IFRAME script1.php generated called queryResult, using this method

    <IFRAME name=queryResult id=queryResult width=100% height=70% border=1 scrolling=auto></IFRAME>

    and the form targets this frame like this

    <form action=script2.php method=post id=queryForm name=queryForm target = "queryResult'">

    Now everything works just fine, the user can keep submittin the form w/ different values and IE correctly targets queryResult all the time. The problem happens when the user submits a form via script2.php in IFRAME 'queryResults' - script2.php calls on itself, performs some quick psql queries to update the DB and then it refreshes itself inorder to reflect the updates made. Afterwards, if the user submits the form in script1.php, it opens a new window instead and displays the results instead of targeting the IFRAME. Any ideas as to why?? I truly am at a loss here. This problem ONLY occurs in IE, Mozilla Browsers have no trouble.

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    Sounds like it should be working. Can you point us to a URL that demonstrates the page?
    Nigel McFarlane, Author: "Firefox Hacks", "Rapid Application Development with Mozilla"

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