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Thread: Implementing 2 Func. Buttons in Excel Worksheet using VB

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    Question Implementing 2 Func. Buttons in Excel Worksheet using VB

    Hello...I'm working on a project currently that has required me to make a 'new' excel spreadsheet. There are two specific function buttons w/ in the 'old sheet'----"Recap and Clear" that are of course formulated to perform specific tasks for that particular sheet for what they were orig. written for...My prob. is getting those 2 function buttons into my 'new sheet' . I've since looked at the coding w/ in VB and changed several things.....cell ranges and other parameters to format it for my ever, I've been unsucessful in fully implementing a working form.

    Attached is copy of code from the 'old sheet'...Orig.Code.doc

    a copy of the code that I've edited thus far...CODE12a.doc

    as well as a 'zip' copy of my 'new excel sheet'...Revision-B12

    Thanks for any help in advance--J
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