My name is David Gardner and I am very interested in any programming job you
may have. I am adept at many languages including C++, Visual Basic, VB Script
and others. If I am unfamiliar with a language I am able to learn it very
quickly. I have also worked with many operating systems like Linux, Unix,
and all of the Microsoft systems.
My experience is extensive, although obtained in just a few years. I was
the lead programmer of the winning team in my senior development class in
college in which we developed a backgammon game for Windows.
I have worked on databases in the telephone industry as well as doing some
independent database consulting for the Nursing department at Harding University.
I was the Senior Dorm Net Assistant for the university where I was in charge
of student workers as well as troubleshooting in the dorms.
I really enjoy programming. I have been keeping my skills honed by developing
a 3-D graphics rendering modeler using C++ and Visual C++ as my compiler.
I also have experience programming GUI's in Borland Builder and Visual Basic.
I'm still working on the modeler in my free time and hope to have it completed
in a little more than a month.
I am an innovative hard worker and have good people skills. I know your
company would benefit from hiring me on a permanent or contract basis.
I am currently living in Memphis, TN, but I am willing to relocate.
Please email me at

David W. Gardner