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Thread: Jdk J2se J2ee

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    Apr 2005

    Jdk J2se J2ee

    Whats the relationship among JDK J2SE and J2EE
    I'm trying to read up on the Sun's website and its just a bunch of jargon and not really helpful for people starting out. They almost seem to use JDK and J2SE interchangably - I would have thought they'd be the same thing except that there's a different download for each.

    Right now I've downloaded JDK 1.5, J2SE 1.4.2 and J2EE 1.4

    Can someone try to help me make sense of all this.
    I eventually wanna start programming JSP/servlets.


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    Jan 2005
    • JVM (Java virtual Machine): The program that executes java programs (actually java's bytecode) on a computer.
    • JRE (Java Runtime Environement): The kit that is to be installed on a computer to RUN java programs. The JRE contains mainly a JVM and Java standard librairies.
    • JDK (Java developement Kit): The kit that is to be installed on a computer to DEVELOP java programs/applets.
    • J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition): The kit that is to be installed on a computer to DEVELOP 3-tiers java programs (in other words, JDK for web based application).

    I hope that will definitely clarify all this acronyms !

    Best regards,
    Lionel Badiou
    CodeFutures -
    Java Code Generation

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    Jan 2005
    Hello again

    To complete my previous answer :

    Sun delivers J2SE (Java 2, Standard edition) in the form of J2SE Development Kit (JDK) and an associated Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
    That is a bit confusing indeed because, as far as I know, all JDK comes with a JRE...

    Hope that helps,
    Lionel Badiou
    CodeFutures -
    Java Code Generation

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    And you could aquire Eclipse (visual java development), after you
    have made your first successful "hello world" application (++),
    I beleive its free. I use JBuilder myself but they want money, of course.
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