Resume Breif

Name : John Leo
Address : #95/2, Sumu Nivas,
KH Rangantha Colony,
Bangalore - 560018.
Email :
Phone : 91-080-6750011 (R) (After 9.00 pm IST)

Project Breif

Key Strength:

SQL Server

Client Server:

Project : 1 (Surveillance)

This is Distributed Application is a three tier Application. Which is a monitor
for the entire trading system. Where client used to trade uses web browser.
All user activities, alert, violation is traced, monitored and handled by
following component.

1) Security Component
2) Alert Component
3) Backend Communication Component
4) Reporting Component

This Four component joint form "Surveillance", a monitor and Alert violation
system for the Customer his client's who used to trade on the web. Other
component which used in the project where.

5) Data-Server Component Developed in VB, which used to pump feeds from
the exchange and broadcast it to the Database.
6) Web Trading Component. All Server scripts where put on to the se component
where ASP will only be the using the function or property exposed by this
component to communicate with the Database.

This above overall product was called "Trade-Any-Where" - you can get the
feel and a demo at online trading of "Trade-Any-Where" where the above software
is implemented and working at present in following company and there website.

Project : 2 (Quick Business)

This is an ERP Software which again a wide range Distributed Application
over 10 Branches which has the Central Database at the head office. This
Software has the extensive log of the user and trace back feature has it
deals with the commission and distribution cycle. This is also a component-based

1) Security & Log Component
2) Backend Component (To interact with the Database)
3) Report Writer Component

Company Name: Kanva Marketing Ltd. (Phone No: 91-080-2998897)

Project : 3 (Waste Management System)

This is another client - server application software which is develop to
track and allot the skip and resource management in the waste movement, resource
allocation and transaction company in UK. Here to mention work there is only
a component, which is bridge between the application and the database.

This component handles all the database activities through transaction mechanism.
Where we have deployed that component on MTS,

This is few projects, which I have mentioned to you that you know that I
have a good hand over VB and the VB Technology.

Apart from this I have developed other ActiveX Control for many application
too. So I have good hand on the following.

Project : 4 (IEMS)

This Software Application Package which has the constructed for a playground
Maintenance and Building. This Software is divided into Component like

- Sales Component
- Purchase Component
- Item Production Component
- Dispatch Component

The above four components perform the different operations for the each department,
which centralized the work status of the production. The Order comes in through
sales department and the goes out through Dispatch department which will
be recorded and production process is also computerized to have entire setup
under one control

Web Developments:

Project : 1 (Website:

To Develop Browser Based Client Front-End, Generation of Reports From Back-End
DataBase, User-Level Validations and Synchronization of Front-End & Back-End

The Web Based Trading system is mainly designed for the Brokers and their
Sub-Clients enabling Buying and Selling of Stocks through Web. A very high
level of User-Authentication is maintained throughout the system and money
transactions are performed through CITI Bank. The browser interface is being
designed to interface with a web server at the backend. All user level validations
will be done at the local web site. For transactions, wrapper ASP's will
be written which will manage state and communicate with the web trading web
server. The wrapper to the main web trading web server will rout all trading
requests, and responses routed to the browser. A limited edition of personalization
will be provided, enabling the user to personalize his/her favorite scrips
on the quote window applet.

Project : 2 (Website:

Our company Asian CERC Information Technology Ltd. developed the Product
MARKET PULSE 2000, providing lots of useful LIVE financial information, market
trends and many more reports for the financial institutions and the brokers.
The company has several clients who are already registered for this product.

This administrative interface has several faces. Its main functionality includes.
Interface to Add/Modify/Delete/Search Admin users who have access rights
with only a selected division of MP2000. Entertaining complaints from already
registered users, maintaining a proper record and replying them through sending
the complaints to the appropriate authority depending on the category of
complaint. Interface to Add/Modify/Delete FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
by the admin. Which is basically a customer support site.

Expereinced on the Following Things:

- Client - Server Programming in VB using (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL,
MS Access and FoxPro as Backend)
- Creating COM Components
- Creating ActiveX Controls
- Using Crystal Report for Reporting

So waiting for your good reply for your end.

John Leo