I have an old pricing module that runs on Excel 4. It is a module that I use to trade financial options with and it uses macro.
I would like to upgrade so I could run it on Excel 2003.

Basically to start the module I have to start Excel 4 with the .exe file and then first open up a file named ANALYSF.XLA which is located in the libary folder.
This file doesnt show up anything but then I open the module file and then it creates the windows etc with prices etc.

When I attempt to open this in Excel 2003 the ANALYSF.XLA comes up with a error message saying 'Cannot load Engineering Libary ENG.DLL and when I press OK then Cannot Load Financial Library FIN.DLL

These 2 .dll files is located within the library of Excel 4.
I have tried to move them to the library of 2003 and same thing happens.

I have tried under the TOOLS menu - Add in and then added the Analysis toolpak and it still gives me the same error message.
Any help will be greatly appreciated..