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Thread: VB6 app to call a VB.Net app

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    VB6 app to call a VB.Net app

    Hello All,

    From my local PC I am running a VB6 exe that resides on a server. When I execute this VB6 exe from my PC all is well but when I click the button that is suppose to execute a VB.Net exe on the same server I get a SecurityException error.

    Is there some setting I need to set on the VB.Net exe in order for me to execute the VB.Net exe from the VB6 exe residing on the same server from my local PC?

    Thanks for your help in advance

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    In working with the aritcle I was able to get rid of my Security exception error but now I am getting the following message. 'Application has generated an exception that could not be handled'. I am using error handling and I placed a message box as the first line in my form load event just to see if it made it into there but it does not. I get this error as soon as VB6 uses the shell function to call my VB.Net application. Any thoughts? I created the application in v1.0 and I am trying to run it on the network from a XP machine that has v1.1, do I have to install v1.0 runtime on the machine wanting to run the network app?

    Thanks for your help

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