"Develop An Inventory Management Application Using Microsoft's Visual Basic"

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This book teaches how to develop an "Inventory Management Application" using
The Application developed can be used as a framework and extended to suit
your own packages.
As a student or a professional developer you can use this material to execute
projects and with this
domain knowledge you can play a key role in Projects in software companies
and also get into the ERP
development teams effortlessly. If you have a relative or a friend working
on a project, or striving to prove
themselves competetively, this book is a perfect gift. See the confidence
grow, as one reads the book.
Whether you are in the Commerce (CA, Banking, Insurance, Finance) or Computing
(ERP, SAP, Oracle, VB,
SQL Server, ITES, BPO) streams, knowing how database packages work can go
a long way in building your
career. No wonder, this book has been selected as a case study in innovation
(An Organization sponsored by World Bank & Govt. of India). This knowledge
makes you stand apart among
your collegues and peers.

Briefly this book Teaches

Developing An Inventory Management Application Using Classes
Developing a Class to program Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice, Purchase Return,
Sales Return, Receipt Note, Delivery Note, Cash Purchase, Cash Sales
How to develop a complete database application using Menus, Standard Modules,
Database, Forms, Classes, and Reports ?
How to develop a master form and link a form and a class ?
How to develop a Class, including, declarations, property procedures, Class
Inialize events, Terminate events and methods ?
Why do we need a class ?
How do we arrive at designing a Class template, including the attributes,
and services ?
What are the various data and data types which are entered in an Inventory
application ?
What are the fields each form updates in different tables in an inventory
application ?
The relationship between tables used in an inventory application?
How to design a trasaction form ?
How to accept user's input and display a report ?
How to link text controls in a report to the recordset ?
What are the formats and data to be displayed in trial balance, income statement,
daybook, registers, general ledger, stock ledger ?
Maintaining programmatic control in an application
Secrets/Logics of developing an Inventory Management Application
Validations to be included in an Inventory Management Application
Developing QuickBooks, Tally like packages using Visual Basic
Implementing the double entry system in an Inventory Application
Saving Data into a Table after validations
Useful to Businesses, which want to save on buying packaged software.

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